Back to Work schemes are not “Slavery”

Commenting on today’s court ruling that the Government’s Back-to-work scheme is ‘unlawful’, Lottie Dexter, Director of the youth unemployment campaign Million Jobs, said:

“Back-to-work schemes can provide important opportunities for the young unemployed, and we should not be so quick write them off.

“They give young job hunters the practical skills they need to move into work and teach them about routine, time-keeping, teamwork and responsibility.

“There are roughly 420,000 18-24 year olds claiming Jobseeker’s Alliance – that’s nearly three times the population of Oxford. Too often these young people are left stranded in unemployment and their talents ignored.

“The principle underpinning this scheme, as well as the wider reforms, is an important one and should not be abandoned.”

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Lottie Dexter
Director, Million Jobs
07964 573 977

Notes to editors
1) Launched in January 2013, the Million Jobs campaign stands up for young people without work. We want government, companies and communities to make a big, organised effort to give our young people a first shot. Visit for more information.


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