Damaging Youth Unemployment Clings To One Million

Commenting on today’s figures showing 979,000 young people are trapped out-of-work, Lottie Dexter of youth unemployment campaign Million Jobs said:

“Youth unemployment has risen by 20,000 and stuck at crisis point.The Government should explore new policies, like tax and National Insurance breaks.

“Long-term youth joblessness remains a huge challenge. Today’s figures show 108,000 16-24 year olds have not worked for over two years, and nearly 450,000 have been unemployed for more than six months.  This accompanies more bad economic news as the overall unemployment total jumped up by 70,000.

“Our politicians have failed to take action. The government cannot keep on letting so many young people go to waste. It’s time they made it easier for businesses to take on a young person. We have had years of unaffordable schemes which are clearly not working.”

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Lottie Dexter
Director, Million Jobs
07964 573 977

Notes to editors
1) Million Jobs stands up for young people without work. We want government, companies and communities to make a big, organised effort to give our young people a first shot. You can find us at www.facebook.com/millionjobs or @MillionJobs_.

2) p18:http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/dcp171778_305051.pdf


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