We stand up for one million young unemployed adults.

Launched by Lottie Dexter in January 2013, the Million Jobs Campaign is committed to representing 1m young unemployed adults. We make their case in the media and ensure politicians – from all parties – take action to tackle youth joblessness. 

The Million Jobs campaign is fuelled by the passions and talents of our youth. Young adults shape every aspect of the campaign, for example talented young designers created the “busy bee” logo, aspiring young writers showcase their talents in regular blogs and we work hard to connect young people directly to the media and politicians, so they can speak for themselves. 

We want all political parties committed to the Million Jobs Manifesto in time for the 2015 general election. If we are going to reboot 1m young unemployed it is essential that politicians up their game. 

1) Scrap the Jobs Tax for under 25s
We were over the moon that the Chancellor listened to the Million Jobs Campaign and scrapped employer National Insurance for the under-21s, in the 2013 Autumn StatementUnlike current schemes this is easy to understand, would save the Exchequer millions and shows that government is on the side of the young unemployed. We believe this crucial jobs incentive should be extended to all those under-25, so University graduates can benefit too!

2) Make sure school pupils know all about apprenticeships
This cost-free policy would help engineer a change in attitudes towards important training schemes.

3) Review the Equalities Act 2010
Employers should feel able to give honest feedback and actively recruit school leavers, without being worried about harsh discrimination laws. 

4) Encourage more companies to take on a young person
All organisations the government works with should be “Youth Friendly”; they might offer work experience placements, give talks in schools or take on a young apprentice. 

5) Help everyone to find a mentor
Schools should encourage alumni to mentor current students into employment, especially recent school leavers who have moved into jobs.  

If you back the Million Jobs Manifesto and want to help us crack youth unemployment then please sign up to the campaign. We will keep in touch with campaign updates and let you know how you can help us crack youth unemployment.


Since our launch in January 2013 we have we have changed the government’s tax policy and scrapped the Jobs Tax for the under-21s. We have hosted a roundtable in Number 10 Downing Street with the Prime Minister, held a debate in the House of Lords, carried out detailed polling on youth unemployment and run Jobs Speed Dating.

Our Director, Lottie Dexter, often writes for national NEWSPAPERS, appears on TV and the RADIO. But it’s always better when you can speak for yourself and those young people who are unemployed can best explain how hard it is to get a job. We link them up with the media as much as possible.



For nearly four years one million young people have been unemployed in Britain. The number of 16-24 year olds out-of-work for more than twelve months has increased by over 150% since 2008.

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